Lisanne van Sörnsen de Koste


  • Menopause and Hormonal Fluctuations
  • PMS, Endometriosis, PCOS
  • Overweight and Underweight
  • Cardiovascular Issues
  • Gastrointestinal Complaints, IBS
  • Intolerances
  • Rehabilitation Support
  • Muscle Recovery and Building

I am Lisanne van Sörnsen de Koste, your passionate dietitian at MyMediDiet. Rely on professional guidance for various inquiries and medical conditions, including hormonal issues, gastrointestinal problems, weight issues, thyroid problems, and cardiovascular diseases.

My consultations are based on personalized advice and a holistic approach. I focus not only on nutrition but also incorporate other relevant aspects into my advice.

Let’s work together, step by step, towards your new, healthy lifestyle. Achieve your health goals today! Visit for more information and make an appointment.


Monday 9:00 – 17:30
Tuesday 9:00 – 17:30
Wednesday 9:00 – 20:00
Thursday 9:00 – 17:30
Friday 9:00 – 17:30